AWS via Haskell

This is the full project that accompanies my AWS via Haskell series of blog posts.

Note that the code in this repository is more actively maintained that the code originally posted on the blog and so will occasionally differ, especially as I consolidate code shared between the different examples.


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Part 1: DynamoDB

Set up local DynamoDB

  • Follow these instructions to install and start DynamoDB on your local machine
  • Alternatively, you can run these samples against a DynamoDB instance running on AWS by first connecting to it using the AWS CLI to set up your local credential cache

Run application

Part 2: S3

Set up local S3

localstack can do this but has some problems.

Run application

Part 3: SQS

Set up local SQS

localstack can do this for you.

Run application

Part 4: SimpleDB

Set up local SimpleDB

simpledb-dev2 can be used to run a fake local SimpleDB server:

Run application

Part 4: Lambda

Set up local Lambda

localstack can do this for you.

Run application

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